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Online PhD Creative Writing

Writing a creative PhD academic paper can appear to be a confusing and intimidating task. It can be difficult to understand that what is the scholarly voice is and how it could be transitioned into PhD-level writing. However, there are some of the elements in writing that needs to be considered when you write-in order to have scholarly audience that is based on the word choice, correct voice tone and include usage of the evidences in your paper. If you want to understand and employ the scholarly voice rules in your paper, you need to ask yourself what you need to avoid in your paper. Once you got all the answers, you will become a master in writing the PhD level paper.

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Things to Avoid In PhD Level Writing

PhD level writing is the toughest kind of writing that is having so many restrictions that must be followed in order to get good scores. Here, we are provided things that you must avoid during your writing process.

  • Avoid making your paper with generalized forms by using words like‘always’ or‘never’
  • Over-sweeping adjectives must be avoided like‘outstanding’, or‘obvious’
  • Do not use the adverbs for example usage of‘really’ or‘clearly’ kind of words must be avoided.
  • Qualifiers usage must be prohibited in your paper writing
  • Do not use the emotional language in your paper these kind of sentences could deduct your marks.
  • Avoid using inflammatory language that describes situation for example‘Smith's study was terrible, sickening, and sad’
  • Block the quotes and do not use many direct quotes in your paper. You must have to avoid these in your paper writings. In your paper, you could only include less than 10% direct quotes. If you want to include more, instead of using direct quotes in your paper, use the paraphrasing techniques that keeps content original and deliver your concerned knowledge. Whenever you use direct quotes in your paper, you have to provide the analytical part before or after writing these quotes. Note that you must have to begin or end your paragraph without any direct quote.
  • Usage of casual language must be prohibited and eliminate the use of contractions like‘can't’, or‘won't’
  • Metaphors or figures of speech must be avoided like‘her writing was as clear as mud’; slang expressions and cliché phrases must not be used with adjectives and qualifiers.
  • Make sure that you have eliminated the use of pronoun in your paper writing.
  • Generally, you could have personal pronoun like‘I’ in an academic paper, only if you are writing a reflection paper. You could also refer to the research that needs to be conducted.

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