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Are You A Thesis-Phobic? Tips To Overcome Your Fears

thesis-writingThesis writing can be a very hard nut to crack for some students, but this can not suppress the importance of thesis writing in a student’s academic life. Besides being time-consuming and effort-demanding, the task can be very erratic as well. One can not be sure about the completion of his/her thesis writing process on time, as unpredictable problems and issues can occur out of now here.

The main problems that breed other problem is the imbalance in academic and personal life, being perplexed in choosing the topic, and poor time-management. But, there are some actual psychological issues that affect student’s productivity in writing a thesis. Some students prefer hiring online thesis writing help, it’s not because they are going through such issues, but because they do not have  enough time to write one.

Writing Block

Almost every writer has gone through the writing blockage. When it comes to students, this term signifies the incapability of a student to meet the deadline of thesis submission; the reason is an inability to write. It is basically a psychological chaos resulted from the overwhelmingness of the task.

Students are so much deluged with the thesis writing task that s/he cannot determine from where to start the thesis writing and how to order different sections. Also, the time limit may be just round the corner, which creates a panic in the student’s mind. In such conditions, the students find difficulty in:

  • Choosing the right and unique subject
  • Keeping the searches relevant
  • Keeping things organized
  • Time management
  • Understanding the format
  • Preventing procrastination
  • Staying focused

Solution:– Sometimes having dead ends after carrying out thorough researches also demotivates the student and made them feel like a no-hoper. Whenever you are stuck somewhere, just follow these strategies:

  • Freewriting
  • Mind-mapping
  • Help from supervisor
  • Generative writing

The Fear Of Rejection

Some students have a fear of teachers. They make presumptions that the thesis supervisor or committee will never approve his or her thesis, this feeling and phobia hamper the student in completing the task ofthesis writing; it also causes deterrence and anxiety.

Solution:– Start looking for the positive signs. Rather than focusing on what you can not do, try to think about what you can do with perfection and have confidence in yourself. List down the reasons why your thesis can get rejected and work on them.

The Fear Of Deadline

The fear of approaching deadline can paralyze and constrain your mind from continuing the writing process. It can further lead to procrastination that will eventually put you in the hot water of stress when you will be running out of time. Apart from procrastination, there are things that take time, time more than your estimated. This can affect the whole process and make you feel disappointed.

Solution:– Do you know why early bird catches the worm easily? Because start something early will give you enough time to overcome any issues causing things to detain. Thus, it is highly recommended to start your thesis writing task earlier. Don’t forget to get breaks during the process to keep your mind fresh and productive.

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