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Best Way To Structure Your Essay

essay writing helpWriting an essay involves accumulating and then forming up a set of ideas into a statement. The ideas should be given in a linear manner, making the reader engaged. This is possible when each of your sentences in the essay is synched with each other.

Structuring essay is not rocket science; neither is there any hard and fast rule for it. Since the topic of an essay determines its structure and dictates the details and information that the reader is eager to discover, it tells an essay apart from others. So, you need to be very careful when selecting the topic of your essay, as it can make the readers appreciate or question your writing capabilities. Companies providing professional essay writing serviceconsider the main essay topic as a prime element.

Answer The Questions Of Your Essay

Start with answering the important questions of your essay. Assume if you are utterly unaware of the essay topic and want to find out the questions.  What, why, how, why… these all are the questions that are required to be answered into your essay. Write up your main idea on a paper and draw the circle around in. Surround the circle with all the questions that can arise in your mind regarding it. This will help you structure the ideas in a coherent way.

Supporting Arguments

Your main argument or idea along cannot formulate a good essay; it needs some secondary arguments for support. Like if you are writing about the technology, ponder over the benefits= that are provided by it. Technology advancement is you main idea and its benefits is your supporting idea. Write down the supporting points on the paper, circle them and then draw a connecting line between supporting and main idea.


The supporting ideas produce sub points. Like if benefits of technology is your supporting idea then better communication, easy access to information, automation, etc. will be your sub points. You can pen them down on paper and circle them too.

This was your brainstorming phase, in which you key out the ideas that came to your mind regarding you main topic. Now you need to outline them properly.


Introduction involves your main idea. Introduce your main idea to your readers in the paragraph. Answer your questions here. What is your main subject, why is it so important, how was it originated, everything. Your questions can vary as per the topic or main idea of your essay.


Body comprises of supporting ideas and sub-points. Supporting ideas are required to be addressed one by one. You can have more than one supporting ideas, such as when writing about technology you can write about its benefits and drawbacks in the same essay.  This will give you two supporting ideas and numerous sub points of each. Start with the most logical, unique and most important point, so that the reader can perceive that the essay is worth a read.


This is the last part and paragraph of your essay. Either you can write your opinion in this conclusive part or summarize the point discussed above in a way that links them to the main idea. This will give you the first draft of your paper. Reading it and revising it time and again will polish it further.

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