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Essay Writing Mistakes Among College Students: Who Is To Blame?

essay writing“It’s not your writing capabilities that matter, what counts the most is how well you have understood the topic.” What a convincing line I must say. Almost everybody has seen such teachers who prefer the students’ empathizing skills on their  essay writing and expressing skills. It will ignite a debate if we argue on whether these teachers are doing fair with their students or not. As far as I am concerned, if a student cannot explain any particular concept correctly on paper, how can anybody claim that s/he has understood it well?

Believe it or not, the writing capabilities of students are getting piteous with the passage of time. Reason may be because of the shortcuts we are using in text messages, where you become u, Tonight become 2nite, Tomorrow– 2moro. This has drastically affected the spelling of commonly words we use in our routinely life. But the composition and grammar instructors, surprisingly, are playing a big role in the eruption of writing issues among students by overlooking them.

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Tips To Improve English Writing Skills

Here are some of the tips that can help improve the composition capabilities among students.

If you want to assess the type of mistakes your students are committing, ask them to write an essay and check their paper line by line.  You can get essay writing help from a cooperative teacher as there are many students in a single class and you do not want to finish checking their first year papers till the last year.

Most of the students make basic mistakes, like the wrong selection of words, usings it’s in place of its, spelling blunders, sentence fragments and much more. Make Highlight and explain them in class descriptively so that every student can be prevented from committing them in future.

Grammar teachers should also accentuate rewriting the essay after s/he has line-edited it;  students must realize, rectify and resubmit their assignment. With this tip being practiced, by the term’s end, students will get a good hold over their writing mistakes, as it is rightly said practice makes a man perfect.

The teacher should also ask for the initial drafts of the assignments to make sure the they are not plagiarized from the internet or the assignment of another student in class.

The educational institutes can also help in improving the students’ writing skills by making basic English Writing a far more important writing course. They can also introduce Freshman courses for English Writing at very low or no prices. This will help students who cannot afford to have private English tutors.

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