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5 CV Writing Tips To Make You Win Your Dream Job

cv-writing-helpLetters have been replaced by text messages; computer has replaced the typewriters, Mobile phones have superseded the alarm clocks, watches, phone booths, you name it. Much in the same way, LinkedIn has replaced the Curriculum Vitae (CV). Well, not exactly! No matter how pass and conventional the CVs look, they still are the most decisive marketing tool you have used to convey your credentials and achievements. And thus, you can’t afford to ignore their importance.

If you have enough budgets ask a professional CV writing service for your help. Otherwise go for some simple tips to make your CV presentable. Mentioned here are some of such tips that will help your CV stand out among the stacks of others.

(1) Edit Your CV Before Applying Anywhere

Every designation has its own requirements so do the employers. Every time before applying for any post, update your CV keeping your potential employer in mind. Review the job ad carefully; check the job responsibility and the services of organization. Evaluate what the job demands and the employer expect. Let’s say, an advertising agency and an IT house, both need content writers, but there is a thin line between the job responsibilities of both. Content writing in an advertising agency demands the writer to produce promotional content about their products and clients/ In contrast, in an IT firm, a writer might be asked to write web contents, SEO-articles, and technical documents. So, do check the organization and job demands before applying.

(2) Concrete CV is Better than Abstract One

Your CV should be clear, concise, and neat. Don’t cram it with unnecessary details. Too much information can be boring. Make the resume easy to scan. Carefully proofread it for typos and grammar mistakes. Use plenty of white space and keep your sentences to the point. Keep your text aligned to the left, as this will make the text easiest to read. Use black font and high quality white paper (when printed).

(3) Important Details Come First

Don’t use objective, it’s too mainstream. The first section should be a summary of your own self: your peculiarities, the job responsibilities and roles you currently own, and so on. The summary should be compelling enough to entice the employer read your whole resume without a pause. Put your experience and then your educational achievements. Arrange them in a reverse chronological order, as the reader will be more curious to find out about your latest degree and job experience.

(4) Prefer Bullets On Prolong Paragraphs

Concise bullets do a great job in attracting the reader towards high level information. Nobody will find it pleasing to read never-ending sentences conveying details about your achievement; during an interview there will be enough time to discuss the details verbally. Start your bullets with the verb as it makes the sentence short and catchy.

(5) Turn The CV Into PDF

Go for an MS Word format, if you are ready to compromise the appearance of your resume. No matter how well aligned and spaced your resume is, when you mail it to the recruiter, it gets some abnormality, unlike the PDF format. So converting your updates CV into PDF format is a way better bet for an employee.

Hope you have liked these tips. You can share further tips forCV writing. If you do not agree with the above guidelines, we are open for feedback. Do enlighten us with your reviews in the comment box below.

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