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Shocking Achievement

While going through the article“This Warwick graduate did his entire dissertation in one forty hour sitting”, I was spell bounded. It is insane! Even 6 months does not seem enough to deal with dissertation, let alone only 140 hours. The students have been found complaining about the shortage of time that restricts them from effectively completing the complex dissertation before deadline. It’s better enough to buy dissertation online. Just imagine that how did this individual manage to pull it off in so less time?“It was the worst time of my life”, he says. Surly, it would be without any doubt! Anyone in the process of  writing dissertation can relate with the feelings of Paddy Hill the Warwick grad.

Sleepless Nights& Day Dreaming

Being able to spend 3 days awake in order to complete essay writing in one sitting is absolutely stunning. Though the repercussion prevails however, it saved the individual from experiencing traumatic months of writing down the complex essay rather than take essay writing services from experts. Considering the impossibility of writing 10, 000 words and on a topic such as“Neo-Aristotelian Virtue Ethics and psychological egoism” is not an ordinary task. And no wonder the student had been taking expensive drinks and snacks to keep him pumped up with additional dose of sugar. This immense stress turned him yellow and dragged him in the state of hallucination. Such a pity!

Who is Paddy Hillyer?

This individual is just as normal as any other student possibly could be! A resident of London with a satisfactory job who loves to post his pictures on Facebook that suggests how wonderful time he had spent in his university. Now this may indicate why Paddy was not able to ponder over the assigned dissertation task even in such a time as six long months. Even though he claims that he had tried several times to initiate writing but always ended up finding interesting literatures to go through, which restrained him from continuing with the dissertation. And when he finally got time, it was just 48 deadly hours right before the deadline. This was a nightmare!

How did he Manage Dissertation?

No part is as intriguing of his story as the final encounter with the dissertation writing, almost 60 hours of the deadline remaining. Paddy started by completing reading a book to understand the general idea of the undertaken topic and since no time was left to study it any further, he designed a free style argument that had no references to cover the complex  dissertation writing. But with the help of five cigarette packs and seven bottles of relentless, Paddy accomplished his writing task, severely deprived of sleep and in the state of constant hallucination.

Tragic End of the Story

The experience was a roller coaster ride that left Paddy physically shaken to the height that despite of being awake for two days with zero sleep, he could not sleep for whole of another day. And that was quite predictable as he has swallowed sugary snacks, cigarettes and drinks worth£100, which turned him yellow. In addition, he kept on hallucinating and could see little man running across his desk from the corner of his eyes. However, surprisingly, he managed to score a grade of 68, which had certainly paid him well. But considering the repercussions of the dissertation writing in such short span of time, it would have been better if he had opted for  Buy Dissertation Online UK.

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