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Get The Look Of Your CV Right

cv-writingHave you ever thought why graduation is losing its worth? There was a time when graduates used to get a job just after getting their degree, but now many people holding the masters degree are sitting unemployed. Market is getting tremendously competitive; vacancies are less while the candidates have been outnumbered. Renowned employers receive stacks of CVs for the designation they advertise.

With such a considerable amount of resumes, no employer is going to have enough time to check your CV thoroughly. Thus, if you are looking for an interview call, make sure your CV can stand out among those stacks. For this, you have just 30 seconds, as the employer  won’t waste more time scanning and judging your CV. This means, majorly an interview invitation depends on how your CV looks, how it is formatted and how well it portrays your skills and experience.

There are many CV writing tips that can make you get the job you desire, mentioned here are some advices that we have learnt om our experience.

Enhance the appeal of your CV

Looks matter a lot in the corporate world when it comes to representation. Your CV is your first contact with the employer, you need to make sure it does the job well. Even if you are the most deserving candidate for the candidate, an ill-presented CV can break the situation for you. Therefore, you need to make sure that your CV looks professional.

Fonts Are The Foundation

Fonts count when it comes to making the first impression of your CV right. Don’t even think about using those customary Times New Roman. Try other fonts like Veranda, Tahoma, Adobe Fang song, instead.

Right Size, Right Impression

Too small fonts will make your CV look overly stuffed and illegible, on the contrary, too large fonts will give the impression that you have very less detail to share about yourself. Keep the body fonts 11 in size, the sub-headings like objective, experience, etc. should not exceed than 22 points,  whereas 22 will be the size for the main heading. The main heading is usually your full names placed at the top of the page.

Make Things Scannable

Placing the important details in columns, table, numbering and bullet points can drive the viewers’ eyes to them. This is what the viewer wants to see in your CV. These visual tools can make your CV easy to scan.

Make Amendments

When using ready-madeCV templates readily available on the Internet, make a few amendments to give it a more personal touch, or else your CV won’t be surpassing itself from hoards of papers.

Adopt Consistency

Your CV should be the real representation of formality and professionalism. Make sure all the elements of your CV have a consistency in terms of styling, fonts, alignment etc. Check if all your subheadings are bold or not; if any one among these is italic, then italicize all or keep every single heading non-italic.

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