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Habits That Can Make You Creative And Productive, Simultaneously

writing-help-ukEveryone wants to be productive, whether it is writing, designing or any other field. iIt is also quite tricky to finish what you have started. Being more productive does not mean you should not rest a single second, in contrast, you can be more creative, prolific and relaxed at the same time. Seems impossible, but it’s not! Many researches have shown that there are certain habits that can enhance the level of productivity, relaxation and concentration.


True! People claim that in academic arena you should work all the time to get success, but the truth is, the more you work, the more you will get stressed out and the lesser will be the creativity level in your work. It is better to assign a less important writing task to a professional writing company and do the main task on your own. This will give you enough time and save considerable effort. If you are writing for a long time, get a break; your mind needs to be distracted and freshen. You can go out with your friends, get a life. This will make your mood refreshing  and you will feel much more energetic.

Show Love For Nature

Nature holds a magic that can make you forget all your tensions and vanishes strain from the mind. If you are tired of writing your dissertation, assignment or any other writing task, go to a park and spent time in greenery. You will find yourself active and full of life. Some people feel more relaxed when they go for a stroll near the sea shore. Several studies have stated that soothing nature sounds like chirping birds amplify the levels of serotonin in our body that results into a good mood.

Writing habit

Even if you do not have any assignment to write, you should write anything, any social problem, or a memorable experience you have had. This will firstly increase you typing or writing speed, secondly your mind will get used to producing new ideas in lesser time.

Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation is very important for the human mind. It can make your brain sharper as it is the exercise of your brain. You can also meditate by listening to relaxing music. It can enhance our learning skills as well. Listening to soothing music can relieve the daily stress. This reliving makes the memory sharper.

Sleep 7– 9 hours a night

I love sleeping, I wish I can hibernate! Just kidding… Over-sleeping has also many drawbacks, just like the under-sleeping. You should get proper rest and sleep to work well. If you are not an early bird, then try to be. Nights are meant for rest, so if you are doing night shift at your office, you should get seven to nine hours sleep at night to keep your mind fresh.

If you incorporate these habits into your routine life, then you can work productively, with full focus and without any stress. Try these habits and do tell me how useful they were in your writing practices.

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