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How to Develop a Daily Writing Habit

In the previous blog, I mentioned how important it is to write daily for being a productive academic. And, being a student,  it is very hard to avoid writing. However, these research papers, thesis, dissertations are just a one-time thing and cannot do any good to your productivity. But if you want to be a writer, academic writer, novelist or want to work in any other genre of writing, then you need to prepare yourself for daily writing.

The basic trick for this is to make yourself accustomed to writing. It is not easy to add new habits to your lifetime at once; it takes a lot of time. But if you do a task every day, you spontaneously build up the habit of doing it. It will also become easy to finish wht you have started. And once you make daily writing your habit, you will find yourself more comfortable and relaxed with writing.

The concern here is that how will you develop the habit of writing consistently?

All you need to do is to use some strategies into your everyday routine. These are:

  • Select a time for writing and write during this time every day. If you are an early bird, you can write early morning, a morning is the best time when our mind is fresh. Doing anything, every day, at the same time, you will become habitual of it. Also, setting up a specific time for the task will make you more inclined towards doing it no matter what.
  • Give yourself a professional treatment. Make appointments with yourself and make sure no other task or appointment can hinder it.
  • Develop some sort of responsibility. Track your writing performance. Yet, it is good to be answerable to anyone else, who is helping you develop this task.  Having someone to question your writing performance can make you more responsible.
  • Make deadlines for yourself. F you have an objective of completing a particular writing task at a specified time, your writing speed will increase and you will be more productive as well.
  • Expect high from yourself. Anticipating yourself to do high quality writing every day, whether you want to be a novelist, a blogger or you are just writing for your class project, it will enhance your writing skills.


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