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Thesis generator: a Help or a Nightmare?


When someone shares his or her thesis writing experience, you think that they are getting on your nerve with those boring stories. But, when it comes to you, you believe that yourthesis writing is the most bizarre topic in the world, which needs to be discussed everywhere and with everyone.

With the same feelings, here I am to share my thesis writing experience which I do believe is most awkward of all. Few months back, my thesis submission was the only thing I was living for. You would not believe, I was so much obsessed to present a unique thesis that no one else would ever have.

My several friends were taking online thesis writing services. I was scared that they will definitely get higher marks than me but was also relaxed that their ideas may counter each others. I mean which service will have that much time to create a different thesis every time. This thing was actually driving me crazy, may be my friends get the best out of it. Now I can’t approach writing services I have already tried to misguide my friends with the consequences of using these services.

It would be embarrassing if I did the same. I had to find a unique idea. My thirst for an exclusive idea was so dedicated that in every regular activity I was thinking the idea, while eating, studying, watching TV, changing clothes, specially bathing I have always been thinking about my thesis idea. 

I was so consumed by this that my nights turned in searching and more searching. I was becoming search ninja. After several sleepless nights, I found an epic idea, which later turned into a nightmare.

I was going through websites and suddenly stopped when the internet caught my keyword‘thesis’‘idea’ and suggested‘thesis generator’, on which I put a random idea from internet and filled its online form. It provided me with the thesis that my inner sole said that“this is it!” This is what I was searching for so long.

I took the idea, printed it on the papers and slept. In the morning, I was little overjoyed left home and reached my institute where I found everyone in anxiety as it was the thesis submission day and many were still writing it.

I went to group of my class boys who were sharing their thesis statements suddenly one of my dumb class fellow started telling my thesis statement. I was in a swirl for moment and when got conscious found me dumbest of all. My pulse rate was getting high; I was unable to think what to do now. Later, I realise there is only one thing that can save me at eleventh hour, an online thesis writing help and yes it worth it.

8/30/2017 9:37:34 AM

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