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APA Citation Style and Format

The most commonly used style is the American Psychological Association APA Citation format that is used to cite the sources in terms of social sciences. We are providing you the details that are used to revise the second printing according to APA manual settings. We offer you to make general format of APA Citation for your research papers, in-text citations format, endnotes/footnotes styles, and the reference page list making style that helps you in organizing your paper. Your essay should be written in double-spaced on the standardized paper size with one-inch margins on each side. Use the clear font that would be easily readable in APA style it recommends using12 points font size with font style of Times New Roman.

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APA Formatting Guidelines

  • In APA Citation Format, you need to include a page header as well as running head that are visible to you at the top of your page. You need to create a page header in which you could add running head and insert page numbers in the upper right corner. You are then required to type the title of your paper in the header flushes left in capitals. The running head is simply the shortened version of your papers’ title that cannot exceed more 50 characters including spaces and punctuations.
  • The abstract should be of one-paragraph providing self-contained summary of your paper. The abstract must begin from a new page and its heading must be centered on the first line just below the running head. The abstract should be written in block format begins on the line following its heading. The word limit of abstract must be set by individual journals. Typically, this word limit is between 150 and 250 words and it must not exceed.
  • In main body of your paper, the introduction should not be labeled and it must begin with the line following the paper title. Headings must have at least five levels of headings that are available to the user to organize your paper writing and reflect its relative importance. The main headings include Methods, Results, Discussions, or Reference that must be used as the heading Level 1 that must be centered and boldface with both uppercase and lowercase letters. The subheadings should be Participants, Apparatus, or Procedures that within the Methods section as heading Level 2 flushed to left and boldface with both uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • All sources of your paper must be included in your referencing list. These sources must be cited in the body of your paper. The references section begins on a new page with centralized head on the first line below the running head. The list of references must be organized in alphabetical order using surnames of first authors.

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