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Chicago Citation Format and Style

Chicago is the most popular writing format that is preferred by most of the teachers expecting to receive paper writing with proper formatting and layouts. You could use the following guidelines that need to set up your paper. It is easiest technique to use the correct settings from the beginning of your paper to get good scores. Otherwise, you have to go back and reformat your written paper in proper style to get good marks.

Chicago Page Layout

The Chicago page layout style is the most important factor that one must consider. Our service having academic professionals are providing the most useful points that you must follow in formatting your paper.

formats chicago

  • You need to add one-inch space for margins from both sides and from top and bottom too
  • Use the writing style of Times New Roman that is clear enough to the reader and use 12 points font size
  • Add double-spacing in the text of your paper
  • Use left-justified text, in a format that will have rags on right edge. Do not use fully newspaper text style in your paper.
  • Use half-inch indent for the beginning of your paragraph and block your quotes in the indent bibliography.
  • Number the pages required to beaded at the top right corner of your paper. Begin your paper with the first page of your text. It is a good idea to include the last name as well as separate the pages. The numbers should be straight through the first text page to the final page having bibliography. Ask your teacher for printing on the two-sides or not.

Chicago Bibliography Style

A part from the layout of paper, following are some of the helping points from our teams recipe to assist you with the bibliography section of Chicago style.

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  • Our scribblers recommend that the bibliography of your paper should be on the separate page, and the word“Bibliography” should be centered at the top of your page with Times New Roman style and the size should not be more than 12-point font. Do not use bold and large size fonts in your heading.
  • You need to make sure that you have used proper format, notes according to your topic and bibliography styling.
  • Use a hanging indent in your paper that is the first line of the citation, which begins from the margin, subsequent lines, and are indented.
  • If you are using source that has no author, you have to alphabetize by title instead of the authors name and do not make a separate list for it.
  • Your primary and secondary sources should not be separated with each other, unless your teacher asks you for it.

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