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MLA Citation Style

Like other formatting styles MLA that is Modern Language Association also acquires, a number of rules and regulations to be followed at the time of its use within the text or for the citation. This documentation is mostly followed in English and other foreign languages as well as literature courses. It is highly recommended to consult a professional for its use, as it is not that easy as other citation styles. We at assist you in this case since our professionals are very efficient and know the real criteria as well as techniques through which these citations are done. Following are some major points that are essentially done while undergoing the MLA Format:

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MLA Page Format

There are a number of rules to be followed here according to our professionals:

  • For the main heading and title, one should allot only the first page
  • All the margins that are top, bottom, and both the sides should be one inch (1') all the way through the paper
  • No extra spaces should be given between the headings and the title while giving no space between the title and body of paragraphs
  • Avoid extra spacing between the paragraphs that gives it a look of business work format
  • Indent every paragraph in a paper to 1 inch
  • The fonts should be reasonably sized, that is either 10 characters per inch or even a12-point font.
  • The fonts should be readable rather being beautified. The preferred font’s styles are mostly Arial, Lucida, Modern, Palermo and our most preferred Times New Roman.

We follow that fonts are not only meant to be decorated and presented nicely but also they should be readable as the most important part of the paper is its content.

Other than that, our professionals use a header at the upper corner of all the pages, in which your last name is specified along with the page number. Here you can also write the header for showing the continuation of those pages with the opening page instead of writing full heading on each page.

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MLA References or Citations

According to our professionals, the citation is very important part of any format and for MLA they suggest and follow that:

  • Your sources should be documented properly with the parenthetical references as these references eliminate the plagiarism sources from the document
  • The reference or work cited page at the end of your essay or assignment gives an idea to the reader of all the sources that were used within the assignment
  • It is important that the list is in alphabetical order with respect to the names of the authors
  • Sufficient information that is required for the identification of the source include last names of the writer with page reference
  • These references, wherever you think a pause, would naturally occur. It is seen that most references are at the end of a sentence.
  • These parenthetical references should come before the punctuation mark that concludes the sentence, clause, or phrase that contains the cited material.

We make your work and presentation remarkable, as it is of great deal of importance for us.


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