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Turabian Citation Style assists you in not only all kinds of writing but also all kinds of formatting, no matter if its common or not. Turabian Format is also an uncommon format for which we provide expertise of our professionals in link of providing you with assistance in undergoing citation as well as proper formatting of your paper. Below is the short outline that is followed by our professionals with the implementation of Turabian Format:

Title Page

No specifications are given for the title page in the Turabian Format. Therefore, it is fine if you are going general in this case or taking the guidelines from a professional or your supervisor.

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We follow that the font should be set 12—point throughout the paper. Double space should be given between the texts, but for the footnotes and endnotes, it should be kept single space. One-inch margin should be left on all four sides of the document.


The title should be kept at the top of the first page and centered, and it should be in all the capital letters. This head should also be 12-point and no other formatting should be applied at all that is italicized, underlined, bolded, or in quotation marks.


Strictness of numbering appears that it should be placed at the bottom in center of the first page of text and on the subsequent pages; the number appears in the upper right-hand corner. All the pages should have numbers except the title page or other display pages even the table of contents acquires a page number.


Citations of the quotations, paraphrases, and summaries are also being done in the footnotes or endnotes. For the in-text part of the reference, the note numbers are superscript that follow the passage being referenced, and come immediately after the final punctuation mark. Consequent footnotes are located at the bottom of their page of reference. Short lines are used to separate the text and footnotes, as well as the reference begins with a number.

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The professional experience wrap up that the instructors are interested in endnotes other than the footnote. We found that students get confused in it so for them, we are providing our services providing the endnotes within their papers. In the in-text citations the reference still appear as superscript numerals, but the actual entries are found at the end of the paper, leaded by full-sized numbers with periods.


Even after providing the footnotes or the endnotes, a bibliography is required. This bibliography is taken as the end of the whole paper that is, the list of the references that are given in the whole document. It should be listed in alphabetical order and intended½” if in case of being longer than one line.


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