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Medical Targets and The Therapeutic Development in Parkinson’s Disease (CHAPTER 4)

Result and Findings of Research

This chapter contains result of research paper drawn from secondary data answering the question of the paper.

This chapter of the paper is structured with table and charts to demonstrate the result in a comprehensive way and with clarity.

Findings of Research


According to Schapira (2007), there are two major treatment options for the patient of Parkinson’s disease: Pharmacological Treatment as well as Surgical Treatment. 

Pharmacology Treatment

Within pharmacology, there are number of drugs found which are used as different measures for treatment:

Surgical Treatment


According to Torresa et al (2010), surgical treatment becomes necessary when drug treatment is no longer effective on patient with Parkinson’s disease. This paper ahs mainly discussed the Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) as a major surgical treatment. Hire the best  dissertation writing service

The paper has also revealed how these treatments are effective and the way they are processed. The next section of the chapter shows the findings of result with regard to effects of treatment on Parkinson’s disease.

Effects of Pharmacology Treatment

Effects of Non-Pharmacology Treatment

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